Spiritual Direction Connections

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Spiritual direction is sometimes called spiritual guidance or spiritual companionship.

Spiritual direction is an ongoing relationship in which a person desirous of being attentive to his or her spiritual journey regularly meets with a spiritual director (usually once a month) for the purpose of becoming more attuned to the presence of God’s spirit in all of life.  

A spiritual director is someone who, with you, pays attention to your interior life, who cares about your deeper self, your heart’s desires, who helps you interpret your ongoing experiences and learn the art of discernment (the knack of knowing which inner voices to trust and which to greet with suspicion) and who listens to, encourages and challenges you on your spiritual journey.

I hope more folks come to the decision to seek spiritual direction... it’s a game changer for becoming closer with God.
— Spiritual Direction Connections Client


How to connect with a spiritual director 

The Ignatian Spirituality Center offers a way to connect for those seeking a spiritual director. There are several well-qualified spiritual directors in the resource pool who are experienced in Ignatian and other spiritualities, have training and experience in spiritual direction, and are people of prayer and ongoing formation. To be matched with a spiritual director through the Spirituality Center entails the following steps.

  • Call the Center at (206) 329-4824 or email Carla Erickson Orlando, Spiritual Direction Services Coordinator, to set up an appointment.

  • You will meet with the coordinator to discuss your needs and preferences based on your spirituality, prayer style, life issues and experiences.

  • After the meeting you will be sent information about how to contact a spiritual director who meets your preferences and is available at this time

  • You can then set up a meeting with the director to meet for the first time and to mutually decide if you wish to begin a spiritual direction relationship.

  • The suggested donation for this connection is $40.00 – $60.00 to the Ignatian Spirituality Center

  • The fee for spiritual direction is arranged with the spiritual director. The average fee is $40-$70 for one hour of spiritual direction. Most directors offer sliding fee scale options.

  • The pool of Spiritual Directors represents all mainline Christian faith traditions.



Call (206) 329-4824 or email Carla Erickson Orlando, ISC Spiritual Direction Services Coordinator.