The Gifts of Darkness: An Advent Evening of Prayer

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

7:00 pm

Seattle First Baptist Church

Patrick Twohy, SJ and Rev. Catherine Fransson, presenters


About this Program

We live in a culture of words, noise and busyness. What if we were to stop and be still? What might we hear? What gifts might we experience in the darkness? Allow yourself to let go of the “shoulds” of the season; simply pause, rest, listen and be restored at this year’s contemplative, ecumenical Advent Evening of Prayer. 



Free will offering ($10 suggested donation). 

Free parking will be available.


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about the presenters

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Pastor Catherine Fransson serves as a spiritual companion to individuals and groups seeking to follow what lives of faith mean in tumultuous times. Thriving on contemplative practices, she explores the surprises of grace revealed in religion, spirituality, doubt and personal growth. Rev. Fransson was ordained by Seattle First Baptist Church on Pentecost 2000, and retired in 2015.  

Patrick J Twohy, SJ.jpeg

Fr. Patrick J. Twohy, SJ is a Jesuit priest, poet, and Director of the Rocky Mountain Missions. Fr. Twohy has worked with Native American peoples in the Pacific Northwest for over forty years. He has published two books: Finding a Way Home: Indian and Catholic Spiritual Paths of the Plateau Tribes, and Beginnings, a Meditation on Coast Salish Lifeways. He has said that his greatest joy is to live in the Native community where he finds the people steeped in their religious beliefs, living in a richly spiritual world, and willing to share wisdom to a patient listener. 



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Sponsored by Seattle First Baptist Church and Ignatian Spirituality Center