Workshops for Spiritual Directors

images-12Encountering the Enneagram

Facilitated by Debra Janison

Friday, April 15th 9am – 3pm

St. Joseph Parish Center 732 18th Ave. East, Seattle


Join us as we reflect on the following topics about the Enneagram that will aid us in our companionship :

  • To review the nine habits of thinking, feeling and acting that make up the Enneagram
  • To introduce a practice that activates the inner observer, the contemplative capacity that receives spiritual experience and makes us available to genuine encounter with the Divine and one another
  • To understand that as guides, we need to apply the insights of the Enneagram to manage our own type biases and reactivity, and to develop the capacity to open our own field of awareness beyond the confines of type
  • To understand that the placement of attention and the vice-to-virtue conversion of each of the types are the key elements in using the Enneagram as a tool in spiritual direction

Cost: $50

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