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King County 2015-2016

November – Flow, Sport & the Spiritual Life

December – Advent Evening of Prayer

February – Let Mercy In!! Young Adult Retreat

March – Welcoming the Stranger: Responding to the Refugee Crisis

April – Breaking Bread & Table Fellowship

May – Laudato Si’ Contemplative Hike

King County 2014-2015

September – Storytelling as Spiritual Practice (click for flyer)

October – Connecting Deeply in a Tech-Fueled World

November – Ethics: What’s Discernment Got To Do With It?

December – Advent Evening of Prayer

January – Spirituality and Work: Incompatible? They Don’t Have To Be

February – Prayer Made Flesh, Praying With Our Bodies

March – Participation in the Novena of Grace

April/May – Discernment Series

Pierce County 2014-2015

November – Storytelling as Spiritual Practice

February – Lenten Young Adult Small Faith Sharing Group at St. Leo Parish

April – Saying YES to LOVE: Responding to God’s Presence in Daily Life


2013-2014 SEYA King County Events

Meditation: Medicine for the Soul (click for flyer)

Under My Skin (click for flyer)

Dreams, Imagination & Ignatian Contemplation (click for flyer)

No Room at the Inn? An Advent Posada (click for flyer)

Engaging Spiritual Practices (click for flyer)

Pope Francis & the Future of the Church (click for flyer)

Called to Become Ourselves (click for flyer)

Sport & Spirituality (click for flyer)


2013-2014 SEYA Pierce County Events:

Meditation: Medicine for the Soul

Nonviolent Communication (click for flyer)

Called to Become Ourselves (click for flyer)


2012-2013 SEYA King County Events:

Bowling Party (click for flyer)

Jesuits on the Frontier (click for flyer)

Meant To Be? Imagine That! (click for flyer)

Relationships and Discernment (click for flyer)

Centering Prayer (click for flyer)

Life Transitions and Tranformations (click for flyer)

Eco-Spirituality (click for flyer)

Application of the Senses (click for flyer)


2012-2013 SEYA Pierce County Events:

Wellness Spirituality (click for flyer)

For more info on IgNite events in King or Pierce County contact Theresa Lukasik at theresa@ignatiancenter.org or 206.329.4824.