Young Adults

Young adults yearn to live life fully and to purposefully contribute to the well-being of their immediate community and the world at large. IgNite offers opportunities for young adults to reflect on their personal life experience and place in this world through a grounding in God’s palpable presence.

The Ignatian Spirituality Center (ISC) is committed to explore, support, and create avenues that nourish and promote an active life of faith within the young adult community (aged 21-35) in our region.

These monthly evening events gather young adults into a welcoming community. Each gathering revolves around a different theme arising from a contemporary spiritual topic pertinent to the personal and communal spirituality of young adults’ lives. The facilitator of the evening grounds the current theme in the Ignatian tradition and vision to bring the topic to life, connecting it to our participants’ personal lives (for info about Ignatian Spirituality click here). The evenings usually include a time of guided prayer, meditation or silence, a formation experience, small group conversation, and time for socializing. Also, following some of our gatherings, there is an option of continuing informally at a local pub.

The vision for IgNite is rooted in a deep knowledge of God’s love. Many young adults in their twenties and thirties are trying to figure out how to live and what to do with their lives. IgNite offers opportunities and experiences aimed at grounding young adults in God’s love so they can courageously follow their deepest desires. IgNite is crucial in a time when many young people feel they cannot bring their whole selves to the religious institutions in which they were raised. Ignatian spirituality teaches that there need not be a separation of personal life choices, culture and one’s search for God, but rather it offers a continual integration of culture and personal experience into one’s spiritual life. As we live in the most “unchurched” part of the county, our communities are full of young adults desiring spiritual nourishment outside of formal church institutions. Creating community across denominational lines and with young adults who do not identify with a faith tradition is a goal for IgNite. One of the many gifts of Ignatian spirituality is its ability to cultivate closeness with God within one’s own faith tradition. Our hope is that IgNite will provide an atmosphere in which deeper learning and understanding can take place, followed by contemplation and discernment, which will hopefully develop young adults to be contemplatives lead into action.

In 2015-16, IgNite gatherings will be offer 10 programs in King County and quarterly in Pierce County.